Why Professional Scripting & Production is necessary in Video

Anybody can write a script, right? Unfortunately, not.

Very few people can write a video shooting script that engages and identifies with the audience, stays on brief and delivers the client’s key message in a concise and memorable way.

Neglecting to engage a professional scriptwriter is one of the most common problems in video, and part of the reason is that good, experienced scriptwriters are very thin on the ground.  And, by the time the client starts to realise something was missing, it is usually all too late as their video budget is spent and all they have to show for it is a car crash rough cut and buyer’s regret.

Things a good scriptwriter can do for your video production are:


  1. Conceptualise the overall production.
  2. Tell the story in a powerful, creative and memorable manner.
  3. Focus on your marketing objectives.
  4. Stay on brief and on message to ensure the goals of the video are achieved.
  5. Write the right length script and cut anything non-critical.
  6. Engage and identify with the target audience.
  7. Hold the audience’s attention for the duration of the video.
  8. Format the script correctly and create shot lists.
  9. Suggest shooting directions and techniques.
  10. Identify sets, props, talent and locations that will be required.
  11. Identify any b-roll/cutaway shots needed
  12. Highlight any special effects or graphics that the editor should use.
  13. Attend the shoot and ensure what is shot is what is in the script.
  14. Do rewrites on set to accommodate timing and performance issues, scene changes or any unforeseen issues that occur in production.
  15. Supplement voiceover script with additional key information in titles and graphics to be added in edit.
  16. End the video with a strong call to action.

Use this free check list when you are choosing or planning your next video.

Joe Dalton

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