Idea generation is the most important part of the pre-production process, because your final video will only be as good as the idea from which it grows. Our creative team have 19 national and international awards under their belts for their creative ideas, many of these for video. There is probably no better or more experienced team in the country at developing strong ideas for video and we’d be delighted to devise a brilliant creative direction for your video.

Every brand has a great story to tell. If you don’t know yours already, we’ll find it for you and script it in an engaging and meaningful way so that your video delivers a compelling message to your audience.

Writing scripts for a video production is something that many would like to have a shot at but very few people have mastered and can do well. We’ve 25 years’ experience of shooting, writing video scripts, tv ads, documentaries, dramas and sitcoms, radio programming, standup comedy and live performance theatre. We will bring all of this experience to your video script and make it sing.

Production Planning
As the man once said, ‘fail to prepare, prepare to fail’. It’s true in football and it’s as true in video production. Our experience at the high end of tv and video production ensures that your video will be correctly cast, propped and lit, with locations scouted in advance. The right people in the right place with the right equipment (as Roy would insist), oh, and did anyone remember to check what the weather’s going to be like…

You only get one chance to get this right. Blow your budget on a poor shoot and you’re stuck with a video you don’t want. This is where expertise and experience really come to the fore. The right people with the right equipment, including any specialist cameras, lighting, etc. And to ensure nothing is left to luck, we also bring a senior director and producer, both with 25 years’ experience on set for the duration of the production using their experience to ensure a good script turns into a great video by getting the best interviews, the best cutaway shots, the best performances and capturing the little bits of magic that always happen on a shoot and make your video brilliant.

Post Production
Cutting, trimming, editing, revisiting, ensuring every shot is in the perfect place and just the right length, and then cutting again to ensure that your story is told in the most visually compelling and engaging manner. The right voiceovers delivering the audio the way we want it, the right music selection to set pace, tone and mood, sound effects, foley, graphics, animation and titles. Every little detail seen to with painstaking care and attention to detail to ensure that both you and we are proud of the end result and that your video is professional from first frame to last and does the job it is intended to do.


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